Color selection for habits


I think it would be an awesome addition to allow the user to assign colors to each habit.
Although the app has a very nice design, colors allow you to distinguish habits faster. The colors could be assigned to the circles at the left of the habit name in the Journal view, as well as to their progress circles in the Progress view.

What do you think? :slight_smile:


An interesting question. Some apps have colored icons. Perhaps icons as an alternative to denote type might be a good addition. While looking at a list, would such make identifying habits easier? Unsure. As for color, my instinct is that colors to denote individual habits or habit types is less useful than something else. Various apps, including once Habitify, use or used color to denote state. Once there was completions (was it?) denoted by colors of I believe blue, light blue, and orange. I’d lean towards that, such as if the circle or completed checkbox (as part of a circle graph like weekly progress?) denoted habit success. E.g., if one was doing well this week and on track for the week, blue, if one was slightly behind, light blue, or if one was way behind, orange, such that if as the week progresses one was on track to 100% (excellent), 80% (good), or 60% (poor), for example, one could easily such. Better than a single color as now in weekly progress? Maybe.


Assigning little icons to the habits is also a good idea! We could have icons for the classic habits such as reading/studying, running, eating healthy, writing, etc. I think it would give the app a better look.


I find myself once again pleading the case for simplicity. The vast majority of other habit tracking apps I’ve seen have assignable icons, and my experience was that most of my habits were not represented (and some not representable) by icons. Habitify’s clean, streamlined UI/UX is one of the major reasons I use it. So, if icons are to be added, please please make them optional. On the issue of assignable colors, I track so many habits that colors rapidly become meaningless, so my preference would again be for them to be optional. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Color marks would be great. It would allow personalizing Habitify experience without adding some specific features. I like the idea.

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Ah ha great minds think alike !

You’re totally right, it should be optional (and we have made it optional!)


i like this idea too!


@agastya @amon @RVL @wispus I think this problem can be well solved by the category feature, which you can utitlize to group your habits and view progress in groups rather than individual. How do you guys think?

We are actually implementing category this month - any feedback is greatly welcome - don’t forget to check TestFlight often


i really like the idea of categories / tags (might be the same, in this case, right?)

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Yes, probably like what we are talking about :slight_smile: