Can't change profile picture and display name


Hello, I am a free member in habitify, i got two problems, one, I can’t upload profile picture. and one more problem is that, I can’t change “user display name”.is there any ways to do that. Though the apps seems worthy to me. and I am using it regularly.


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Hi @Aamenis, Our website version is having some issues with replacing avatar and changing username. To change your Username, I’d recommend you use your mobile device so the datas can be synced across platforms, follow these few simple steps :
1 . Choose " Setting " tab
2 . Click on : " Account " section on the top of your screen
3 . Tab on " Edit " on the top left of your mobile’s screen
4 . Choose : " Change Name "
5 . Select your new Username and click " Save " .


There is no save option on my Android version 8.1.0, i can upload and rename my username, but no option to save. Is there any ways. Below i attached the setting tab interface.