Bye bye Habitify :(


Hey there,

I’ve used Habitify for 3-months now and I have really enjoyed using it. But I am sorry to say that I am moving away and defecting to Streaks. The reason? Your pricing strategy. I don’t understand why a yearly subscription is £27 but a monthly subscription is £4.45… It’s double the price to pay monthly, which is insane. I get that you might offer an incentive for someone to pay yearly…maybe 10% discount. But a whopping 50% is just too high. Especially when your competitors such as Streaks offer a a one-off purchase as well! I don’t mind paying a monthly subscription but I do mind paying for a yearly one because of the lack of flexibility…

I have cancelled my subscription and am leaving Habitify on 28th of this month. I am sorry to go. It’s a great piece of software. But the pricing strategy is just too nonsensical for me anymore.



Hello Justin,

I am so sorry to know that our pricing policy concerns you that much. The app itself is not cheap, we know that. And we have to consider a lot before fixing the price and updating it on the store.

I understand that from your view point, the difference between single month’s adding up and the yearly combo price is not totally understandable. We just do not want you to feel like you are forced to buy the app in a long time like a year.

However, I have to say that for those who have tried out the app long enough, it would be much easier for them to purchase a longer package if the price is noticeably more affordable.

And also, we here continually create chances for users to get the app at a discount or even, for free. For example, our habit challenge on Twitter has just ended, and the reward was a life-time package, with no limit to the number of winners. Or if users can help us with the app’s beta test or the translation, we are always happy to offer them our packages.

I can see that you are one of our most active users, losing you as a Habitifier will surely be a great loss. More than anything else, it would be great if you stay with us for a longer time.

However, the choice is yours, and thank you so so much for your support so far! If you want to come back to Habitify, we always welcome you!