Bugs in iOS/MacOS


Hi, I have several bugs to report (free account, latest version):

  1. I cannot create an area - once I do, and select habits to be in it, the area is erased after saving and the habits go back to how they were.

  2. I could not sign in on MacOS, after having signed in with “Sign in with apple” on my iphone. I had to figure out by myself that there is a web app, change my password using it, and then I could log in, There should be a “change password” button on MacOS sign-in. Even better, “Sign in with Apple” button on MacOS.

  3. Signing in with Facebook, connecting facebook, or doing anything with Facebook, results in a failure: “App is in development mode”.

  4. My name is erased when I log out & back in, on iphone.

  5. On iOS, first day of the week is not honoured when viewing the repeat schedule of a habit.

  6. On MacOS, there are no options to start a timer, or change a habit to be time-based.

  7. On MacOS, after selecting “custom” repeat schedule, the days of the week are shown but there is no way to go back to the previous repeat schedule interface.

  8. On MacOS, on the “Pro” info sheet, the price for 12 months and 3 months is the same.