Bug: data export doesn't include archive column


The data export only includes 4 fields:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Status
  • Note

However, “Status” is a little misleading because archived goals will show up as “none”. Can an “Archived” field be added that for example could just be a true/false boolean?

Without data about what is archived it’s difficult to calculate personal metrics like % completion.


Good idea! I have passed this to the dev team!

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Thank you! Also please consider adding a “unique ID” field. For example if the use changes the name of the habit there is no way to link it to a previously named habit.

In other words, imagine you have a habit called “Ride bike” and then you rename it to “Ride bicycle”.
On the csv data export you should have a unique id field, like “#6345” that links both names/habits together (since it’s the same habit).