Bought Lifetime Premium through Google Play. Still says free account


I’ve upgraded to the lifetime premium subscription in the Android app. However it still says that I have a free account.

The Android app has all the premium features activated, although the web app has still all limits.

Please convert my account to full premium.



HI Tobias, sorry this happened to you! Could you send over your account email to our mailbox at so we can take a look? Thanks a bunch!


Hi @AlanNg, this seems to be the same case for me. I just purchased the lifetime license through the Android app and I’m still capped at 3 habits on the web app. I’ve tried logging out and back in, but that didn’t help.

Edit: I saw that you asked Tobias to send you an e-mail so I thought you might need me to as well. Just did! Thanks!

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Hey mate! Sorry to reply this late! Did one of my colleagues get back to you about it?


Yes, Peter took care of me! Thanks for checking @AlanNg.

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Same here. Can anybody help? @AlanNg


Hi Grekk55, sorry that happened to you. Could you please check your inbox?

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I’m having the same issue with my account. I sent an email to just over a week ago, but haven’t received a response. Can someone take a look for me? Thanks!

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Hi! I check the mailbox every day and I can guarantee you I don’t let any email unanswered for a week. Any way, you can inbox me directly and I’ll help you!