Biweekly and Monthly Habits


Please offer the option for habits to recur in other increments such as biweekly, monthly, etc…



Actually this is not the first time we receive this request.

Let me explain a little bit, we at Habitify may divide habits into 2 categories: those happen frequently and those
do not.

Here’s the thing, so far Habitify has always supported habits that repeat on a regular basis like daily, weekly.

Extending the repetition cycle is considered as a “big change” in the app, which would be something a little bit far from our existing core value.

So this will be carefully considered by the whole team.

And to be more clear, for now we are developing the current features (like the Single Progress tab and Overall

Progress tab as you can see), if we support tracking those habits like yu’ve mentioned, we will have some official announcements soon.

Thank you so much !!!


Same here. I LOVE habitify and use it religiously, but I really need more options for increments to make it more customizable.

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