Better analytics of performance and areas requiring attention


The progress area is pretty useless. Need to show meaningful insights like trends and habits that require attention. Should also encourage streaks (see duolingo and their use of currency that you earn and can spend on wagers). Top days of the week? Who cares? It’d be better to categorize habits into best and worst performers.

At the moment the app is just an inert checklist. Need to work on the progress area to motivate users to achieve their goals by setting challenges and showing meaningful insights. Habits are formed by solidifying patterns and the app should help do that.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree that Habitify still has a long way to go in terms of analytics.

Besides Duolingo, could you recommend us some other apps that excel at visualizing progress by charts?


I saw this one:

I believe you may find lots of inspiration there and harvest the best ones to Habitify.


It might be too complicated for now but I would love to switch the individual analytics on and off.
The more relevant analytic insight we can have the better, but too many analytics showing would be just as bad.
Personally I second robotpunk here, I don’t care at all about top days of the week. Or on what daytime I complete habits.

Edit: Imo the Loop Habit Tracker ( has some really good options. I love the history and especially the calendar they have!