AW reminder alert when task is done


When task is due hh:mm and I complete it before that time, there’s still a reminder on hh:mm on apple watch


This is a typical bug.
Here can be a case: you tick done when the internet connection is not on, then the app cannot connect to its server to update the new status of your habits, that’s why it still saves the old status (undone) and then send you reminders.
Anyway this still needs to be fixed so we will pay more attention to the issue.


hm, I have no problems with internet connection, but this has been happening all the time with no exception.
Anyway, thank you for checking this :slight_smile: I was using 3 habits for taking medications and it was pretty dangerous when app reminded me of taking something I’ve already taken :wink: So I’m using other app until this is fixed.


Hello there, actually the bug has been fixed for a while, does it still happen? Any updates?


I’m really sorry but this still is an issue :frowning:


then we’ll have to check again. What is your device and your Habitify version?


iphone xs ios 12.2
aw 5.2

Habitify 5.5

(I went through a few updates since the last message. all of them checked, all of them notify after completing)