AW > iPhone badge sync


When e.g. 6 of 8 tasks are done with apple watch, there’s still “8” badge on iPhone.
(of course when I go to app and close it - counter shows correct “2” :slight_smile: )


I also have this issue on my apple watch, but also with the mac version of the app, when showing only habits for the time of day (as opposed to all).

On macOS the habitify mini app will never update to a new day, you have to restart it to show a new day.


Hi, this is due to the connectivity issue between iPhone and Watch that cause the belated update.
We will surely look into this, can I ask your Watch and phone version?
And @riconaranjo also, please.


I get it, although I don’t have this problem with other apps :slight_smile:
iPhone Xs ios 12.1.4
AW 4 watchos 5.1.3


Thank you so much for the information. Please stay tuned while we figure it out.


iPhone X: iOS 12.2 (beta)
Apple Watch Series 4: watchOS 5.1.3

and just in case, MacBook 13” 2016 with touchbar: macOS 10.14.4 (beta)

let me know if you need any more info :slightly_smiling_face: