Automatic Recurring Note Templates


I would love to have the option to set Note Templates that automatically populate for each day.

For example, I have a habit called Eat Lean Protein.

Right now, I have an iCloud Note with the following template saved in it:

I would like to have an option to recreate that template every single day automatically. I currently have 27 habits, and many of them I create new notes for each day, which can take 10 - 15 minutes to save everything and prep for the next day. It’s strangely therapeutic, but I’d like to free up that time by habit templates automatically recreated instead of manually having to save each template into the habits.

Here’s a screenshot of what my Eat Lean Protein habit notes look like. You can probably imagine that multiplying this by many habits can quickly become somewhat time consuming.


Thanks @Ben_Helstad for the suggestion! This is a brilliant idea! Let me note it down and will discuss with the team soon!


I’m happy to provide more examples of how I do this. I’ve got tons.

I do a template for most of my habits so that I can do more granulated things with them

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Could you please send them over to our mail at Would be super cool to have some new ideas!


Sure thing. I’ll send those over to you in the next couple days.


Great idea!
I quickly journal to some questions every day and night and as I want to check them in as a habit anyways it would be awesome to just have a template in habitify and do them there.

Example questions I do:
Today I look forward to: …
I am grateful for: …
What helped me today: …