Archieved Habits disappear from Historical Stats


Hello guys,

I wanted to tweak one of the existing habits. Instead of “Woke up at X” I wanted to have a habit “Woke up at Y”. I couldn’t simply rename the existing habit, because Completion Rate would start showing the wrong data for the past time. Instead, I’ve archived the task which became irrelevant. I expected that historical stats for the achieved task would have the same influence on the Completion Rate for the past time. Instead, the Completion Rate in the past actually increased as if I was more productive then which is not the case sometimes. The app simply removed the achieved task from the calculation of the Completion Rate in the past.

I think that the Archive function is not working correctly. It’s supposed to remove a certain task from future days while still keeping the task’s history for the periods of time when that task wasn’t archieved yet. Otherwise, I can only see a minute difference between Archiving and Deleting.

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