Any chance of multiple values for a habbit?


I’m wondering if there’s any plan to support simple, but arbitrary values for a habit.


let’s say i have a habit of “be active”. Rather than a “pass/fail/skip” value, i am asking for something like this:

At a minimum, i need to “walk 10K steps” but could also enter “walked 10K and made it to the gym” and “ran to the gym”

Any of those three is a “pass”, but those outcomes are not all of equal “benefit” expected from developing the habit.

Currently, i use a very simple timestamp -> value store app. You can create a name for the key/value pairs, but the core of the app is nothing more than a timestamp as key and an arbitrary integer as value. An optional text field for notes is supported.

but it’s been more or less abandoned, and has not kept up with latest android development practices; it will soon be difficult to install the app, so i am looking to consolidate on one app that looks to be a bit better supported…

To go w/ the fitness example, i record a 1 for the minimum acceptance for the habit, a 2 for a better practice of the habit, and a 3 for the optimal practice of the habit. That is “enough” as the app has useful widgets to graph the value over time. Simple!

I think there’s more to developing a habit than a simple pass/fail, just like most people can’t quit something cold turkey or instantly “have” a new habit. It would seem that people better build habits when they can track the range of ways they practice building the habit.

This could be as simple to implement as a type setting on the habit, if type “simple” it’s pass/fail/skip. If it’s type “user” then the possiblee values for a given time stamp are just simple strings or integers that the user may (but does not have to…) define ahead of time.


While I so far have never thought I would use it I think it is of value, and if the goal is to make Habitify grow as fast as possible in App Store rankings, this seems like a feature to add. Drink x glasses of water or something, there’s probably more that others would use it for. I vaguely recall other apps, at least one, highlighting this feature. Unsure what’s planned next though this seems like in the top 5 or so things to consider. Then habits might be of type: x times per day, per week, on specific days, and times per month (that they are considering but haven’t thought much about it’s worth).