Android 9 - Wrong mapping between notification and habit



I have a few reminders set in the app, and they often trigger at the same time.

Bug reproduction:
If there are two habits in the main OS notification screen and I press “complete” on the second on, it will actually complete the first in the row. I haven’t tried with 3 or more, but I believe its index or some id mismatch on closing. Can you check that out?

App Version: 6.1.0

Btw, the app looks beautiful!


Hi there!

Thanks for taking this bug to us! Let me bring this over to @Kan_Black our Android developer. Probably he was eating while coding this function (he is now, while I am replying you…)


Hello Alan,

any update on the issue? I like the humor, but as I am a paid user I would really appreciate if you could give me an ETA on the fix.


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Hi! Sorry for not getting back earlier. I am working with Kan to release the fix. Probably within 1-2 weeks. Kan is developing another app at the moment so it’s veryyy hard to get him off track for a few hours. Though, I will try my best!



I was just about to open a new thread for this.

It’s still a bug. I can reproduce this on a Pixel 3 and 4 phone both running the most recent version of android (patched as of Jan 2020).

Here’s what i was about to post:

On android, multiple notifications from the same app can be “stacked”.

Let’s say i have two habits:

  • do RED thing daily 10:00
  • do BLUE thing daily 10:10

If i am in a meeting and can’t check my phone until 11:00 then I’ll have two notifications “stacked up”; the notifications are stacked in the order that they fire off.

I can expand the notifications and select the “complete” or “snooze” for either… however, only the first notification will get completed or snoozed regardless of which notification i tap on the action for.

That is, if i press the “complete” button for the “do BLUE thing” notification, the “do RED thing” habit is what will be marked as completed. The notification for RED will be removed from the notification drawer and pressing any action button on the remaining notification (BLUE) will do nothing; the remaining notification does not respond.

I can manually remove the unresponsive notification from my notification drawer.

I will have to open the app and un-complete the “do RED thing” habit and manually complete the “do BLUE thing” habit.


Hi @somebody, I’m sincerely apologize for replying you that late. Our developers are aware of this bugs and they had been working on it consistently, and finally I can announce you with good news. Please update your app to see the bug has been fixed with the lastest patch. Thank you so much for reporting this widget bugs for us. Eventually, I can happily say that the bug has been disappeared utmost.


This appears to have been fixed in a recent update.


Hi @somebody, Yes, you’re definitely right. Our developers have noticed this bugs for quite a long time, and they just have time to fix it recently. From now on, Android devices should have used Habitify smoothly and persistently. Thank you for providing dedicated feedback. Thanks a lot!!!