Android 9 - Wrong mapping between notification and habit



I have a few reminders set in the app, and they often trigger at the same time.

Bug reproduction:
If there are two habits in the main OS notification screen and I press “complete” on the second on, it will actually complete the first in the row. I haven’t tried with 3 or more, but I believe its index or some id mismatch on closing. Can you check that out?

App Version: 6.1.0

Btw, the app looks beautiful!


Hi there!

Thanks for taking this bug to us! Let me bring this over to @Kan_Black our Android developer. Probably he was eating while coding this function (he is now, while I am replying you…)


Hello Alan,

any update on the issue? I like the humor, but as I am a paid user I would really appreciate if you could give me an ETA on the fix.


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Hi! Sorry for not getting back earlier. I am working with Kan to release the fix. Probably within 1-2 weeks. Kan is developing another app at the moment so it’s veryyy hard to get him off track for a few hours. Though, I will try my best!