Adding notes broken


Hello Habitify team,

I just purchased a life long premium subscription to be able to add notes and use other premium features.
However, when I tap on “Add note” the android app immediately closes (Android 10).

Is this already known? Is a fix planned?

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Hello! thank you so much for your report! This is a new issue. I’ve noted it down and passed to the dev team to fix it! The fix will come in the next update!


Oh where did you perform the action “add note”?


Hi @AlanNg,

by swiping left on the habit item and clicking “Add Note”.

As far as I know this is currently the only way of adding notes in the android app as Progress view is broken (separate thread).

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Got it @ffx! I tried to simulate the problem but it seems this one is specific to some devices only. Let me investigate further!


Hi @AlanNg,

I don’t know whether this helps your investigation but I am using a Samsung Galaxy S10e with Android 10 (One UI 2.0 and Android Security patch level January 2020).

Let me know if I can help you with any further system information.


Hi @ffx, I’m really sorry for getting back that late. Please update the latest version for Android device, the crash and freeze issue on Android will no longer be your concern.