Add option to continue showing earlier uncompleted habits


Common scenario for me: I complete one of my “morning” habits, but I don’t look at Habitify until the afternoon or evening. If I have Habitify set to show only current (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening) habits, then I might forget to check off a morning habit for that day.

Would be nice to have a setting that would cause the “current” view to show uncompleted habits from earlier in the day. Once I either complete, skip or fail them, then I would expect it to get hidden as normal.

Thanks for all the work on a great app, I’m excited to see it continue to develop!


Hello there,

Thanks you so much for your support!

Hm we still show all habits in “All habits” tab, have you checked that out?


I’d like to second @mdgrandy’s suggestion. I invariably select the “All Habits” tab immediately every time I open the app, which I do at least 20 times a day. While it may seem that a single click is easy enough, it is an extra click (or 20) I could do without, especially when adding the option in Settings to automatically view that tab (or, as suggested, a “Pending” tab) on app launch is such a simple tweak.


@Quin Yes, switching to the All Habits tab is what I end up doing frequently, just like @Perfectionist. But, two things on that:

  1. I would think the whole point of the Morning/afternoon/evening tab is to show you only what’s relevant. By hiding previous incomplete habits, it’s no longer relevant to me, and I might as well just always be in the All Habits view, which defeats the point

  2. In the 5.5 beta, I can see that switching between views is now a 2-tap operation. This makes this friction point doubly painful, and makes quick switching back and forth impractical.


@mdgrandy, I agree completely — I select the “All Habits” tab because it is the best existing option, but a tab or filter showing uncompleted tasks would indeed be preferable. Either way, an option in Settings to set the default view on app launch would be ideal.


In the 5.5 version, the app saves your previous choice, which means if you choose “all habits” then next time you open the app, “all habits” will be default.

Also, you can hide/show uncompleted habits, the app also saves your choice.

And in the next updates, we would expand the options to categorize habits, not just according to time of days.

And @Perfectionist have you tried out the 5.5 beta? I guest it can somehow meet your need.


I’m glad @Quin mentioned the beta because it does work really well. I came specifically to talk about that version.

While it’s true you can switch from “morning” to “all habits” by clicking the dropdown button, I would highly suggest to the developers to make that a button rather than a dropdown.

That way, you could quickly just tap the button to switch back and forth between the time of day and “All Habits”.

To me, that would get us closer to a good solution.


@Quin Thanks for the replies, and glad to hear that future versions will have more categorization options! However, I am using the 5.5 beta, and it does not address this specific request.

Since you’re already working on new categorization options, can I suggest then that one of those future options be to have a view that shows all habits from “Current and previous times”? Let me explain a little more what I’m talking about:

  1. Currently we have just the options for “Current period” (i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Evening) and “All periods” (i.e. “All Habits”)

  2. Using the “All Habits” view does indeed allow you to see everything, but it also clutters up the screen with future habits that are not relevant until later.

  3. If we had a 3rd option that would display “Current AND Previous periods,” then this would always show everything that was available up to that point in the day.

For example:

  • In the morning, this view would just show the Morning + Any Time habits
  • In the afternoon, this view would show Morning + Afternoon + Any Time habits
  • In the evening, this view would show all habits
  1. This “Current + Previous Periods” view, combined with the toggle (added in 5.5) to Show/Hide completed habits, would be the 1 view I would use 90% of the time, as it would always show me only what’s relevant at any given time, while hiding what’s in the future.

I hope this makes sense. I think this sort of filtering option would be very useful to many people, and would also fit in perfectly with the UI direction that you guys have indicated in the 5.5 beta.


This is what I’ve been waiting for since I started using Habitify.

Also I am on the beta and I agree that it majorly increases frustration to see previous incomplete tasks.

I still want to be to log complete / failed / skipped for previous tasks, and the new UX hides them if I didn’t log them on time (and I dismissed the notification)