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1.2.3… Breathe!

This group is created for you to learn more about meditation and share your experience. Since it takes quite a long time for starters to really feel the effect of meditation, the seniors in this group will help answer your questions :blush:


Hi, I’m Tiago and I practice Shamatha.

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Hi, I’m Valentino. I am just getting into mindfulness meditation, mostly reading books by monks about how to meditate. I’ll update on my progress!

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My name is Serge!
I’m practising Maha Mantra meditation.
This is the best meditation because this is metitation to The Personality of God and it is authorised by his devotees.
You can read and know more about it from books of Shreela Prabhupada.
There is a great moovie that is for free now on youtube:

Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement, and the Swami Who Started It All (Full Movie)

My special respect for everyone who is on the way to himself!
Be happy!