About Beta Testers


Habitify beta testers’ zone

Hello to all our beloved beta testers, this is the ultimate place for us to share all the things relating to the testing.

** If you’re not a Beta Tester, you can always join here **

  • Join by this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/sNzdmo2n
  • Check your emails, TestFlight will instruct you how to install the Test version of the app
  • Please sign up in the app so we can better call you by your name and follow up with you. Nobody wants to receive emails starting with Dear {tester’s_name}, do they?

For current beta testers, thanks a lot! You have been helping us polish the app and give very constructive (sometimes brutal, but, that’s fine) feedback!

We are really thankful for that and from now on you can also publicly share your thoughts and experiences to the whole community and get things discussed here. We believe more perspectives will help hone and verify the idea :slight_smile:

Every expected feature and plan will be a separate topic for you to comment and contribute your constructive opinions.

We hope that the “sharing vibe” here will make you feel heard even more as your opinions will reach the majority even faster.

With greater rights come greater responsibilities.