A habit note & more robust notes


We have notes for each habit that is specific to each day, which is excellent! But I’d want to see more done with it. I’d like to see a Note summary for a habit of each day in a list, so I can see trends, and maybe easily copy paste it all into a word cloud of each of use (like finding out what my favorite food is).

I would also like a note that was specific to the app and could be pulled up easily from anywhere I can see the habit. For example, I have a habit to eat Lean protein at every meal, but I always forgets what I’ve counted as lean protein. Being able to have a note with the list of lean protein foods readily accessible whenever I see the lean protein ha it and get ready to check it off would be extremely helpful.


Yes!! This is must need like a note/description for each habit.


Exactly. I can use it to remind myself or check into what the habit is supposed to represent. Perhaps there is a list of foods I can eat for Lean Protein, or a certain order in which I need to do things. I would love to be able to check the habit note as a whole instead of having to find the individual day that I wrote a note for.

Additionally, I think it would be a great idea to have a repository of all the notes for each day of a habit to be gathered together on the overview or data screen for that habit. I’d not only like to be able to see a single habit note, but would like to be able to easily search and see the notes I take each day.


Unsure what is best but I think the 2nd progression tab is getting to crowded to be able to focus and see most significant trends. Maybe a history tab? Some apps use vertically scrolling graphs. Perhaps some table of days showing overall total progress so one can easily scroll infinitely over weeks and months, with each row also having any notes.