5AM Challenge!


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After researching and many conversations with you guys - our Habitify friends, we figured out, many of you guys set “Waking up early” as a habit that needs to be accomplished.

Alan from Habitify team - a fresh graduate from Foreign Trade University, started an experiment to wake up early and exercise a year ago. The journey was tough, he failed many times but eventually made it to a 100-day streak just recently.

And Peter - an app developer, works in the field of productivity, he gave Alan a few advices before he experimented. And it’s glad to see the profound impact of waking up early has on Alan!

Therefore, we decided to create the 5AM challenge. With Alan’s real life experiment and Peter’s theoretical knowledge, we believe we can help a lot of those out there who want to get started but either don’t have enough motivation or direction.

It is dedicated to help you form a right mindset and execution plan to reach that goal. We believe reaching the goal is not the… goal here, but staying consistent every day is what truly matters.

Since we are already busy with our life, it’s hard to fit this new plan into it. Waking up early might earn your some golden hours that are uninterrupted and productive. Such nurturing time should be used to form new habits!

Good luck, and may the early hours be ever in your favor.

From Habitify team with <3

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I have a question regarding this. I would really love to get up at 5 A.M every day (even on weekends).
I am motivated and I am an early bird anyways.
The problem is that I require about 7.5h of sleep to be at my A game. My wife is more of a night owl. She wants to go to bed at about 11 P.M. I’d have to go to bed at 9:30 P.M. She feels like when I go to bed alone I am not spending enough time with her.

Additionally there are some disadvantages to this as well. I tried this once and what happened was that she woke me up when she got into bed.

Any advice? Thanks!